Traffic Is A Concern As The First Day of School Approaches

July 26, 2004--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--"We are working on a plan almost as we speak to get vehicles around the school more efficiently than we are presently doing,"said Valley View Superintendent Radius Baker.

The plan is to create a northern loop that would allow traffic unrelated to the school to bypass Valley View Road.

"They could by pass the school, and then hit Lawson without going within probably going within a quarter of a mile within the school,"said Baker.

Along with easing some traffic issues, Baker says a northern route would allow for options like turning Valley View Drive into a one way corridor if needed.

Valley View is currently working to create a more efficient traffic pattern before school begins in August.

Between Kindergarten and 12th grade there are over 1600 kids attending Valley View Schools.

Out of the 1600 kids at Valley View, half ride school buses, but the other half drive their own personal cars.

"We will have some kind of congestion around the campus concerning traffic,"said Baker.

Valley View Drive turns into Lawson Road where the Nature Center is located at Craighead Forest.

The Nature Center is expected to attract over a quarter of a million people when it opens.

John Street is on the Infrastructure Subcommittee.

".....and the continued residential development, and there aren't enough East and West arteries running through the city,"said Street.

Now, the city is taking proposals from the city, subcommittee, and property owners are in negotiation......

"Hopefully it will be very soon, we have to act on it, and get something going,"said Street.