Republicans React to President Bush's Speech

September 3, 2004 -- Posted at: 12:55am CDT

JONESBORO, AR - Craighead County Republicans gathered Thursday night to watch President George W. Bush's speech. Two large-screen televisions at party headquarters on Main Street in Jonesboro carried live coverage from the Republican National Convention. Supporters discussed hot topics that have come out of the last four days; including delegates wearing Purple Hearts with band-aids on their faces -- mocking the Purple Heart John Kerry received for serving in Vietnam. They also discussed the fact that some Democrats are criticizing Bush and his fellow Republicans for holding the convention in New York City -- they say taking advantage of 9-11 victims and their families.

Supporters at the county Republican headquarters gave Bush a standing ovation as he took the podium in The Big Apple. They clapped often throughout the speech as they heard the President speak for more than an hour about topics ranging from social security to terrorism to the economy.

Colette Puryear talked about the speech afterwards and said, "everybody was wondering what his plan was for the economy and what his ideas were for that, and I think he covered a lot, a lot of different areas besides the liberty in our nation, the freedom we experience and that we, while on his watch, we can trust him to do what he says."

"I think that their was sincerity in everything he said, but I also think the healthcare reform will turn a lot of people on the fence over to his side," added Rachael McKee.

Puryear went on to say, "He, to me, is a very humble, sincere person and something he said was 'when you are in this position people see your weaknesses and you have to lean on your strengths because of it'."

The watch party also served as a rallying point for the final 60 days of the Presidential campaign.