Region 8 officer gives safety tips on how to approach accidents

Published: Jul. 15, 2013 at 2:53 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 15, 2013 at 2:08 PM CDT
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Public Information Officer Cpl Jack Hailey
Public Information Officer Cpl Jack Hailey

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – Police want to remind the public to always slow down when approaching the scene of an accident.

The move over law requires drivers to move over when they see blue lights on the side of the road.

But what should drivers do when an accident happens in the middle of traffic?

Larry Mcnair is a Jonesboro resident and he said his initial response is to be cautious.

"First of all you slow down," said Mcnair. "Then my first reaction is to see how many people are already there. If there is a crowd there then I go on, because it will just congest everything in there."

Corporal Jack Hailey with Paragould Police agreed cutting down on your speed is the best thing you can do.

"I recommend as soon as you can see the lights, you can start slowing down. You may not always know which lane is going to be shut down," said Corporal Hailey.

He adds, although there is no law in reference to slowing down, in extreme cases you can be issued a ticket.

"If it puts someone else in danger because of your actions then there is a great chance you might be issued a ticket, for disobeying a lawful order," Cpl. Hailey explained.

And to ensure everyone's safety, he says teamwork is the key.

"The best thing they can do to help us in doing is to be aware of everything that is going on," Hailey said.

He says his department has not received any major injuries but officers have been injured by side mirrors traveling 30-miles-an-hour when drivers forget to slow down and move over.

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