Neighborhood worries about speeding drivers

Posted by Jessi Turnure

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - One neighborhood in Jonesboro is asking drivers to slow down.

Stroud Street residents said the posted speed limit is 30, but many drivers exceed this.

Many of the residents attributed the dangerous speeding to a change in the neighborhood. They said other outlet streets used to be open that connected to major roads.

But now that they are closed, all of the traffic has moved to Stroud Street.

"We have a 30-mile speed limit. And there's so many cars that go so much faster than that," resident Barbara McKee said.

McKee said the traffic on Stroud Street is always like this. "Just constantly traffic whizzing by."

She said other neighbors notice, too. "We've had several families that's moved off the street. The people that lived next door because it was such a danger and then a lady and her husband that had a grandchild that moved from across the street."

McKee said the street's environment is not safe for her great-grand kids. "I never let them play out in the yard without me being there because it's just too dangerous."

She said it's also dangerous for other drivers. "It takes awhile to get pulled out, especially if there's cars parked on the street. You can't see up and down. So you have to pull out real slow so you don't get hit."

McKee said the street is so busy because outlets were closed to other major streets, making it a cut-through street. "So all the people come down Stroud Street to get to their homes and businesses. It's really bad."

She said she has seen her share of accidents because of this. "There was a trailer parked on the street and he hit the trailer and one of my trucks. Then I had a car that hit my mailbox one time and then another car that hit the front of my house."

McKee said police do patrol Stroud Street occasionally. "But they can't sit here all the time and give people tickets."

McKee did offer one solution to this problem. She said the neighborhood should re-open those outlets so drivers wouldn't have to use Stroud Street as a cut through.

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