Local church opens time capsule over 85 years old

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- It was a big day at First United Methodist Church in Jonesboro. The pastor of the church opened the time capsule that was found just days ago by the masonry crew replacing the steps to the church.

It was typical Sunday morning at First United Methodist Church in Jonesboro but one part of Sunday's service had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats.

The pastor opened up the time capsule to find a few coins, crumbled up newspaper and sort of tool no one could identify.

The time capsule dates back to the late 19-20's.

"I thought there was going to be gold in it," said Luke Mccall.

"I thought that there was going to be a million dollars in there," said Solomon Clem.

Although it wasn't a million dollars inside,  Senior Pastor John Miles said he found it very inspiring.

"I saw a few things but I was afraid that over 86 years anything paper, and I thought it would mostly be paper, would be gone," he said.

Although most members were excited about the contents some were a bit disappointed.

"We were disappointed of course that the paper disintegrated but we know that those people were dedicated and you can see what they built and how it continues to last," said Tom Bishop.

Miles said discovering this time capsule has inspired the church to make a time capsule of their own to put back under the steps before they are complete.

"Just the idea of trying to speak to the next generation of Christians and communicate with them and encourage them, I think it's a wonderful idea," he said. "Just a symbol that faith is the thing that's permanent, paper and everything else and buildings they all go away."

Miles said their time capsule will have a newspaper, some coins, church bulletins and a zip drive of today's service. He said he was also included a letter about faith.

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