JPD investigating two armed robberies in less than 24 hours

Source: Jonesboro Police Department
Source: Jonesboro Police Department
Source: Jonesboro Police Department
Source: Jonesboro Police Department

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department investigating two separate armed robberies that took place in just over 12 hours of each other.

They're hoping surveillance video and photos taken by witnesses can help ID a few suspects.

"We're pretty sure the two individuals from last night at the Valero were two black males," Sgt. Doug Formon with JPD told Region 8 News.

Surveillance video from the Valero on Nettleton show Sunday night around 10 o'clock, the suspects, in the store for less than 40 seconds, make the store clerk open up two registers.

"They appeared to be on foot, no car was seen at that time," Formon said. "They robbed the clerks at gunpoint and then quickly left the store."

Just over 12 hours later, a masked man, also on foot, robbed the El Acapulco on Caraway Road.

While there are similarities in the cases, police don't suspect the robberies are connected.

"Of the three suspects so far, all three did have handguns. They did actually show the handguns to the clerk or the individuals working in the restaurant."

The suspect in the El Acapulco robbery was caught on camera by a witness running westward behind Park Place Inn.

"He had his face covered, we're not sure right now if it's a white male or a Hispanic male. He was speaking Spanish to the lady working the front and so we're under the assumption that it could possibly be a Hispanic male," Formon said.

But as the sole photo of the suspect is from behind and his face was covered during the robbery, police are hoping they can get an ID on the suspect in other ways.

"We're also trying to get other surveillance video from surrounding restaurants and stores to see if they have anything else," Formon explained.

Formon said businesses in the area, if they have surveillance video, need to make sure it's working and on to help police ID possible suspects.

Formon said if your business does not have surveillance video, stay alert.

"The best thing to do is just be a good witness," Formon said. "I know you're going to be upset when it's taking place and obviously your emotions are running high but try your best to get a good clothing description and direction of travel."

If you can help identify the suspects or know anything about either of the robberies, call Crimestoppers anonymously at 935-STOP.

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