Rain causes washout for county road

What road looked like when the car covered it with water a couple of weeks ago. (Source: Gilbert Family)
What road looked like when the car covered it with water a couple of weeks ago. (Source: Gilbert Family)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - When it rains, it floods. That's what happens to County Rd. 480 in Jonesboro.

Residents said they are having trouble driving down their street to their homes, a problem they have tried to fix for years.

"We just need some help! That's all," resident Gay Williams said.

"We need it desperately," resident Pat Gilbert said.

The flooding stems from an old culvert halfway down the street.

Williams and Gilbert have lived on County Rd. 480 for more than 20 years. The neighbors said this water now does not compare to what it has been like in the past. 

"The people over here threw a rope over to us to hold on to so we could come across just to get to the house," Gilbert said.

The water has receded some, leaving a mess behind. 

"It's just mud, just plain, old mud right now," Williams said. "It's not the worst that the culvert and stuff has been, but the road, that's the worst it's been."

Williams and Gilbert said the road is so bad that school buses and mailmen often refuse to come down the street.

Many residents also worry ambulances would not be able to make it down either.  

"There's a lot of people down here that's disabled, and if they had to get out when it's flooded, they couldn't get out to get help," Gilbert said. 

Williams and Gilbert said they have tried to fix the problem themselves.

"We've been putting gravel, we even put concrete on there and it still keeps washing out," Williams said. 

Several residents said they have spent any where from $100 to $600 to fix it temporarily. 

"It's too expensive so that's all we could do," Williams said. 

Williams and Gilbert said they now need the county to answer their cries for help.

"We don't ask for much. We just want it where we can come in and out and not have to worry about if it rains, if we're gonna be able to get out or not," Williams said. 

The county offered a solution Wednesday to fix the road.

"Purchase the tile for the driveways. They'll probably be a petition or something going around stating that we have the right to come in and put the ditch in there and install their tiles," Craighead County road superintendent Eugene Neff said.

Neff said the county also plans to update the culvert. 

"We'll just put another tile over here, maybe two, to get the water to go down, build it up a little bit to keep the water off the road," Neff said. 

Once all of the residents buy the tile and sign the petition saying it is okay for the county to step in, Neff said county workers should be able to fix the problem in about two weeks.

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