Black Rock schools to close, students will move to Walnut Ridge


WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - The Lawrence County School District school board decided Tuesday to close the Black Rock campus after the 2013-14 school year. The students will attend classes in Walnut Ridge.

All students K-12 will be moved to the Walnut Ridge campus. The two districts merged in 2006 to become the Lawrence County School District.

Superintendent Terry Belcher said over the last eight years the student population dropped from 340 to as low as 254. Belcher said that the decision was made to keep from putting the district into financial distress.

The decision to close Black Rock Schools down has been tough on both students and faculty, but they are helping each other remain positive.

Black Rock High School Principal, Lori McKenzie, said even though it's been difficult she's hoping to make this last school year a memorable one.

"I did tell them that we would make this the best year ever," said McKenzie. "That we would be the awesome that we want to be."

Junior Class Vice President, Ryan Roberts said he plans to keep his head up and hopefully spread the positive to his peers.

"I got to be happy, I cant let one thing drag me down," said Roberts. "If I stay positive I feel like it will spread to others."

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