Many looking to get GED before changes occur

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Time iswinding down for people who want to avoid taking the new version of GED tests.

The new version of the test will be begin in January and will feature severalchanges including making the exam computer based and adding a cost. If testtakers have passed part and not all of the test, they must do so by December 13thor all their previous scores will be wiped out from the system.

Austin Museis preparing to take the GED this weekend. An exam he said will help him reachhis future goals.

"I want togo to college, I want a career and to do that I have to have a GED," Muse said. "I justwanted to knock it out before January hits and I'll have a chance now."

And Austinis not alone, his younger brother is also studying to take the exam. Afterdropping off his brother at the Valley View Adult Education Center a few times, Jacobdecided to take the exam too.

"He was alreadyhere and we were like well you've got to do it too," Jacob Muse said.

Jacob saidhe's grateful to go through this process with his brother.

"It's reallysupportive, like if I need to ask him something or we can discuss stuff thathappened and see where each other went wrong or where it went good," he said.

Like Austinand Jacob, many people are trying to complete all parts of the GED test beforethe new test starts in January.

"We've beena lot busier and our classrooms have been filled. People are trying to get thisdone. The last date to take the test under the current test is December 13," said director of the Valley View Adult Education Center, Steve Clayton.

Clayton said the newversion of the test will come with several changes.

"It was be acomputer based test, solely on the computer, and the new test is in line withthe common core so subjectively it will be a more difficult test a lot more intensive," Clayton said.

And there isa possibility, after June, the test would cost up to $120 dollars. But Claytonsaid this exam is important to a person's future.

"It is sofinancially advantageous to get your GED because it is not a blue collar worldanymore," he said.

Clayton saidthey will have two more test dates this year: November 23-24 and December 12- 13.

Clayton said if anyone is interestedin taking this exam they should come by the Valley View Adult Learning Center assoon as possible.

You can also call the center at 970-935-6205.

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