Body image at center of "plus-size" model magazine controversy

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Media, magazines and many clothing stores have been under fire for what they say is a "plus-size" model. It's caused both women and men to lash out on different types social media.

"Media has this perception of what beautiful is and what the ideal woman should look like," said NEA Baptist Wellness Manager Jennifer Martinez. "It's really difficult for girls and women now to be able to live up to this perception, because it's very unrealistic."

Martinez said images and labels like this have a big impact on girls, and its crucial parents talk to their children about being healthy.

"As a society are very driven by what the scale says,  and we really need to get out of that and focus on being healthy at whatever size we are," said Martinez.

Martinez said the way you see your own body has an effect on how your children will see themselves.

"Saying things like I need to lose weight, we need to get away from that especially in front of our children," said Martinez.

She suggests showing children what photo shop will do to models. You can see a video here.

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