Brookland Elementary named nationally distinguished school

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Brookland Elementary is one of two schools in the state to receive the National Title I Distinguished Schools award for exceptional student performance.

The elementary is one of 59 schools in the nation to receive the award. This is the first time any Brookland school has received it.

The National Title I Association recognized the elementary at an awards ceremony in San Diego last week.

Principal Sandy McCall said their success comes down to many years of hard work.

"It's not an eight to three job, especially when you go above and beyond," McCall said. "Our teachers are very dedicated, they are continual learners and they take that back into the classroom."

Principal McCall said this work ethic is the secret to the school's success.

"We work very hard to screen all of our students so that we know our students strengths and weaknesses," McCall said.

Principal McCall said if students fall behind, that is when the school's Response to Intervention Team intervenes.

"They are worked with individually, one on one, for math and reading," McCall said. "They monitor that progress and hopefully they build them up to where they are on grade level, get right back into the classroom."

Principal McCall said teachers also analyze test scores at the beginning of each year and plan the rest of their lessons accordingly.

"That way we are meeting the needs of all of our students, and that's what our core here belief in Brookland is, 'Whatever it takes for every child,'" McCall said.

"We all work to make sure that all the students are successful," curriculum director Dr. Nicole Covey said. "And with that small town atmosphere, it's so much easier to do that because the kids just don't seem to get lost in the shuffle because we really do know all of them."

Dr. Covey not only works in the district, but put her kids through it.

"I see not only what our teachers do from working here, but I see what my children are learning," Covey said. "I have a son who's a freshman in college this year who is just blossoming, and I feel that he was so well prepared in going to college because of the teachers that he had coming through this school system."

Principal McCall also wanted to thank the community. She said it contributed to their success through the Watch D.O.G.S. program and ASU student volunteers.

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