Residents prepare for another winter storm

Ice Storm Essentials

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Just when you thought Winter was coming to an end another ice storm turns toward Region 8, which has people preparing for the bad weather ahead.

Grocery stores have already been plenty busy with all of the winter weather we had earlier this year.

Harps Food Store Manager Tony Brodell said ""The increase in sales has brought in a lot of new customers for us.  We had to bulk up our employee status, we've had to hire a few more employees.  We've had to work well with our vendors, they have worked extremely well with us."

While this next winter storm gets closer it has stores trying to keep there shelves stocked so people at home can stock their own shelves.

Brodell stated, "I've already made phone calls to most of my vendors, to get our bread supply, to bulk up our bread supply, I've got more milk coming in today, we've already had one load today, one load yesterday and we have another load coming in this afternoon I have more bread coming in tonight, and tomorrow."

Brodell said that he has already seen an increase in people coming to the store and that the people coming in are buying the "staples" such as, milk, bread, eggs, and hamburgers.

If you haven't gotten your shopping done yet, be sure to get plenty of non-perishable foods that can easily be cooked. Also, be sure to have phones charged and batteries handy in case power does happen to go out.

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