Sleet causes roofs to collapse throughout Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Some areas of Region 8 saw as much as five inches of sleet and freezing rain Sunday, creating treacherous roadways, downing tree limbs and powerlines and collapsing roofs.

A barn in northern Craighead County couldn't stand the weight of the winter weather.

"Weight of that on the structure made it collapse," Eric Grant told us.

Grant explained they could've lost more than just the barn.

"We had 15 yearlings, we call yearlings - year old steers and heifers, my wife and I had just made a place for them to get out of the weather last night and last night is when this happened," Grant said.

Though it will cost a minimum of $60,000 to replace, Grant said they're lucky.

"None of them were injured, none of us have been injured, so it's like one of my old persons said, it's just money, we'll make some more."

Many viewers sent us photos of collapsed roofs and buildings along with other winter weather photos and videos. Head to our See it Snap it Send it part of our website to see.

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