Democratic Bus Tour Across the Delta

October 29, 2004 -- Posted 6:30 p.m. CDT

Blytheville, AR -- Arkansas Democrats are making some last minute moves to reach out to swing voters in the closing days of the Presidential election.

The Arkansas Democratic Party is on a bus tour across the state raising support for party members, just as the Democratic National Committee is packing in big bucks in advertising dollars for John Kerry in the Natural State.

Democrats are throwing out the big guns as well. Congressman Marion Berry, Senator Mark Pryor and former Gubernatorial candidate Jimmie Lou Fisher campaigned through the delta on Thursday.

"We have traditionally voted Democratic in the first district and we must turn out our voters to carry Arkansas for the John Kerry," said Jimmie Lou Fisher.

The Democrat's last minute sprint to the finish line is taking them to areas of the delta; a place long seen as the home of the party's most faithful, African Americans.

"I do think we lean a little more Democratic than we do lean Republican," said delta resident Mike Lester.

"We know that with these persons on the ticket there is hope for the future of this country," said State Representative Linda Chesterfield.

The latest polls out of Arkansas still show the Presidential race at a dead heat. Democrats believe Arkansas can be a win for John Kerry, despite Al Gore's loss here 4 years ago.

"Everywhere we go around the state, it's very very encouraging for John Kerry," said Senator Pryor.

The Democratic National Committee is spending a quarter of a million dollars here in Arkansas on advertising for Kerry. They say that was a calculated move to coincide with President Clinton's visit on Sunday.

"We all know how much of an energizer Bill Clinton can be," said Fisher.

Much needed help from local Democrats driving home a populist message less than a week before election day.