A Better Region 8: Death & Taxes

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As the old saying goes two things are guaranteed in life: Death and Taxes. While death is unavoidable, it seems some are trying to get out of paying taxes.

So last week Region 8 News investigated and found in Craighead County alone, hundreds of people were delinquent on their property taxes. Marsha Phillips, the county's tax collector, says on average, they collect about four-thousand dollars in property taxes each day. But, the day after our story aired calling out some of the biggest offenders -  Phillips said they received well over eleven thousand dollars!

As a fellow tax paying citizen - thank you. For the rest who are past-due - it's time to pay your fair share. If you can't pay it all at once, the county will work with you. And, most of our property tax money goes to support our public school system.

I'm sure no one enjoys handing over their hard earned money to the government, but paying taxes is unavoidable. Get caught up on what you owe. It will help our schools and make this a Better Region 8.