Pros and cons of possible minimum wage hike

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Arkansans could have a chance to raise the minimum wage if enough signatures are gathered to get the proposal on the November ballot.

Business Owner, Mary Horne, explained how an increase in minimum wage would affect her business.

"It's going to have an effect on the price of the product you buy from me," said Horne. "It's going to affect the amount of customer service I'm able to provide."

Horne said although things like gas and home value have gone up, she doesn't feel the rise in minimum wage would coincide with the price of other things.

"There is not a direct correlation with the rise in minimum wage, compared to the rise in price you're paying for a product," she said.

If there is a rise in any employee's paycheck she feels it should be done because of their work ethic, not because it's the law.

"You start off at minimum wage and then you're rewarded based on your performance, desire to learn, ability to learn and ability to perform," said Horne. "It's not an entitlement and I don't owe you a pay increase just because you've been with me a certain amount of time."

Employee, Bailee Sims said she sees the pros and cons of both sides.

"If minimum wage does increase the single mother is going to get more money," said Sims. They'll work their same schedule, same money for same amount of time and effort, but is that job the single mom is working going to be able to afford the single mom at a higher rate?"

According to an online article from National Public Radio news, more than 1 out of 10 children in Arkansas have a parent making minimum wage.

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