Option to raise minimum wage to be on November ballot

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This November, Arkansas voters will decide whether the state's minimum wage should be raised.

First Congressional District candidate Jackie McPherson was in Jonesboro Tuesday to endorse the "Give Arkansas a Raise" campaign.

"Minimum wage has not kept up with inflation," said McPherson. "Back in the '70s I made approximately $2.60 an hour.  Today that would be over $12 an hour—almost double what Arkansas' minimum wage is today."

Steve Copley is leading the campaign. He said they've invited all candidates running for office to jump on board.

"People in this state are working hard, playing by the rules and they just can't make ends meet when they're working on minimum wage.  A study recently said there would be 165,000 people impacted by an increase in the minimum wage," said Copley.

If it passes, it would raise minimum wage in a tier system. In January of 2015, the state minimum wage would go to $7.50.  In 2016 it would go to $8.00 an hour and in 2017 it would be $8.50.

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