A Better Region 8: 'Good' news

I've a been asked more than once:  "Can you do more good news?" That's a great question and it's one we often ask ourselves.

This week, Allison Munn did a great news story called "Angels in the Outfield."  2-year old Draven Fornash was kicked in the face by a horse and when his mother called 9-1-1, she was told the closest ambulance was 20 miles away. That's enough to make any parent panic.

In flies our hero, Brian Coleman, a flight nurse for Survival Flight out of Kennett. He also heads up a youth softball program in Paragould and asked to fly over and land the medical chopper at the softball fields in Marmaduke to see what was needed for an upcoming tournament.

When Draven's mom saw the helicopter landing, her instinct kicked in.  She immediately drove Draven to the field to get some help. Without hesitation Brian and the crew gave crucial first aid and flew Draven to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. Coleman helped Draven breathe the whole way there.

The combination of a mother's love for her son, a medical flight crew willing to do what was right and their paths crossing at the right time are the reasons Draven is alive today.

We salute Brian Coleman and crew for being heroes and Draven's mom for quick thinking.  Allison's story is one that shows there are great people in Region 8, people who help each other, and turn potentially tragic situations into great outcomes.

If you know of someone who deserves to be told "Great Job", let us know. There are great people here who everyday make this A Better Region 8!

- Chris Conroy, VP & General Manager