Paragould police train community to carry concealed weapons

Paragould police train community to carry concealed weapons

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The Paragould Police Department trained community members to carry concealed weapons Saturday.

The one-day concealed carry license class teaches participants the laws surrounding handguns and how to properly handle, fire and care for them. Instructors then take their classes to the shooting range for a proficiency test.

One instructor said the class is so important because it also teaches students how to avoid becoming a victim.

"Not just teaching them the specifics about carry and conceal, where you can carry, where you can't carry, but give them information that they can use in their daily lives," Captain Greg Trout said. "Be aware of your surroundings and reduce the chances, even if they have a concealed handgun, of having to use that concealed handgun to defend themselves or a loved one."

These monthly classes run until October and average 12 to 15 people per class.

This is the department's nineteenth year to teach the class.

To sign up for a class, contact Phillip Faulkner at 870-236-7621 or

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