Hours of operation shortened for Sedgwick Post Office

Published: Jul. 30, 2014 at 2:55 AM CDT
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SEDGWICK, AR (KAIT) - With just 33 customers, the United States Postal Service says changes must come to the Sedgwick Post Office.

There might be plenty of traffic that goes past the Sedgwick Post Office on Highway 63, but as for traffic volume inside, Sedgwick falls in line with many other small town post offices with not enough business.

"This is where everybody gets their news for the town," Sedgwick Mayor J Stanley Debow told Region 8 NewsNewsbow grew up in Sedgwick and says while there might not be a large volume of business going through, it's a staple in the community and one of the few things left keeping the town viable.

"It's all about gone. Post office is about the last business here in the city that I'm aware of," Debow said.

In May, a public notice was posted in the post office, explaining the options available to Sedgwick citizens regarding the post office.

The 33 citizens who use the post office in Sedgwick were surveyed a month ago on possible outcomes for the post office.

Three of the four options would discontinue use of the post office.

Those options give customers a delivery option, an option for a village post office or simply use a nearby post office.

"Go either to Bono or Hoxie or Walnut Ridge," Debow said.

One option would keep the post office open but reduce their current hours of operation.

"Out of the 33 surveys sent out, there were 10 mailed back to us, or roughly 30 percent," Chuck Hamilton with the USPS told citizens at the meeting Tuesday night.

Hamilton explained that 90% of those surveyed opted to keep the office and reduce hours of operation.

Now, instead of being open 8am to Noon Monday through Friday, the post office will be open from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

Citizens at the meeting were grateful for the decision.

"I think that this will be workable for our community and we're really, really glad that we're gonna be able to keep our post office open."

There will be no changes made to the Saturday hours at the post office. The new hours of operation should take effect January 10 of 2015.

For more information on changes to post offices around the nation, visit the USPS Post Plan.

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