Rector students utilize new technology

Published: Oct. 6, 2014 at 6:09 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 7, 2014 at 10:33 AM CDT
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RECTOR, AR (KAIT) - Rector Elementary School started its One for One program last year with its 6th graders. This year the 5th graders got to join in. The One for One program provides each student with their own Google chrome laptop.

Susie McCarroll, 6th grade teacher, has taught for 23 years and throughout her career she has seen technology evolve.

McCarroll said, "This has been difficult for me because I am slow at understanding. How do I put all of this together in the classroom? It has changed my teaching style tremendously. I love it though."

The new computers have also made learning easier and faster for her and her students. She doesn't have to spend as much time researching before class because the students have the web at their fingertips.

She said she is thankful Rector Elementary chose to start this program because it is so important when preparing her 6th graders for the future.

"How this is going to help them, they are going to be exposed." She said, "When they get to high school and they have to do research papers, they already know how to get on a search engine and look for various things."

Nathan Henderson, Rector Elementary School principal, added in the year 2014 students must be comfortable with technology. "It's kind of a necessity with these students to get them motivated to do things. And we want to take our kids into that next, into the future, into the next generation to help them succeed."

McCarroll believes this new addition to the classroom is helping encourage students and build their confidence.

And Henderson wants other school districts to know it is worth the money. "The dollar amounts, you know it's a big expense, but for what it does for our children and for what it does for our students, it's all worth the investment that we put into it."

McCarroll still loves old styles of teaching, but she knows technology is the future. "This is here. Technology is here, and I'm hoping our school district continues to use it, and continues to provide us with it."

Rector has purchased nearly 100 laptops for its students and hopes in the next couple of years they will have laptops for the 3rd and 4th graders, as well.

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