Christians Are on the Move to Put Christ Back into Christmas

December 21, 2004 -- Posted 4:15 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- It has long been dubbed the season for giving. The commercialization of Christmas is everywhere; from frenzied shoppers at the mall, to wacky Santas putting on a show. They're all spectacles devout Christians believe takes away from the meaning of Christmas.

"There's this secularist perspective and the ACLU is leading the charge to remove any vestige of our religious heritage from society," said Reverend Steve Jacobson with the Friendly Hope Baptist Church in Jonesboro.

Now some Christians across the country are even more upset over the attempts for political correctness during this religious season. A local school board in New Jersey recently banned students from playing Christmas carols at a holiday event because it alienated other religious faiths

"Their goal is to ultimately remove Christianity from our society," said Jacobson.

Not everyone has this same view.

"Speaking as a Jew in a vastly Christian society, no it doesn't bother me to see people sing Christmas carols or see Christmas decorations," said Joe Heinemann.

Heinemann, a Jonesboro resident, is teaching his son to be religiously tolerant while still preserving his own faith.

"In Judiasm we can celebrate with our Christian neighbors," added Heinemann. "We can go to Christmas parties, they can go to our parties."

"We can still say to those of Islamic faith or whatever faith they happen to hold to, that we're glad that you're here and celebrate your religion as you would but don't be offended when we celebrate who we are because that's what this nation was founded on," said Jacobson.