Emergency Services prepared to operate in winter weather

Emergency Services prepared to operate in winter weather

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Emergency services received phone calls all day Monday after sleet and snow hit most of Region 8. Medic One Ambulance and K.E.G Towing were no exception.

Gary Mask with K.E.G Towing said they talked to a lot of people needing assistance out on the roads. He said there were no major accidents yet, and that most of the calls he answered were winch outs.

Tim Brickell with Medic One Ambulance said his people have also not received many calls involving major accidents. He said most of what they have seen are minor injuries.

"Small fender bender type accidents where someone has lost control of the vehicle and ran off in the ditch or something like that," Brickell said. "Minor injuries, falls, people slipping on the ice."

Both services said they prepared in their own way. Mask said they make sure they have all the important equipment ready to go. Brickell said their main concern is driving safe while responding to a call.

"Most of our larger trucks do well on snow and ice," Brickell said. "Our main thing is that when we respond to a call that we drive more deliberate, more slowly than we normally would because of the conditions on the road we have to be safe for everybody around us."

Both services offered advice to drivers when they are out on the road. Brickell said to dress warm and pack a lot of blankets in your car just in case. Mask advised people to stay indoors.

"Well naturally, if you don't have to get out please don't," Mask said. "It's not our quest to just run up and down the road and pull people out. We prefer that there be no accidents or any problems."

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