Owner cited after pit bull climbs 6' fence, kills neighbor's dog

Published: Mar. 9, 2015 at 6:41 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro animal control officer cited a man with harboring a vicious animal after one of his pit bulls apparently climbed a wooden fence and killed a neighbor's dog.

The attack happened Saturday morning in the 4500 block of Stinnett Drive.

The victim told police his neighbor, 47-year-old Andrew Mooneyham, called him at 8 a.m. to say he believed one of his dogs was involved in an attack on his Jack Russell terrier.

After finding the terrier dead in his backyard, the victim placed the dog into a plastic bag and took her to Animal Medical Center, 1115 S. Gee.

The terrier had suffered "several lacerations and dismemberment of the skin from the body," according to the incident report filed by Eric Schmett, a Jonesboro Animal Control officer. "There were several punctures throughout the body."

"It was clearly obvious that the dog had been attacked by something substantially larger," Schmett said.

Schmett then traveled to the victim's home and observed a 6' tall wooden privacy fence encircling the backyard. He also noted an "area of blood by the fence where the attack happened."

The victim told the officer the neighbor's dogs had climbed the fence before to get into the yard.

Schmett confirmed there were no gaps in the fence or dig marks inside the yard through which the neighbor's dogs could enter.

The victim reportedly said he is "scared of his neighbor's dogs and fears that they might hurt one of his children."

Schmett then spoke to Mooneyham who confirmed he had three pit bulls, two of which were on a trolley system and could not have participated in the attack.

Mooneyham told the officer a third pit bull was loose in his backyard.

"He stated that at approximately 8 a.m. he saw the brindle and white pit bull climb the fence from his neighbor's yard into his yard," Schmett reported. "He stated that he saw the blood in his neighbor's backyard and went to notify him."

Schmett wrote Mooneyham a citation for harboring a vicious dog then took possession of the animal pending a court hearing.

The officer also told Mooneyham that his neighbors were afraid of his dogs and asked if he was willing to surrender all of them.

"Mooneyham signed a surrender form for the suspect dog and another white pit bull which he owned," the report said. "Mr. Mooneyham advised that the last dog was being given away to an acquaintance."

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