Region 8 Charter School Teacher Recognized Nationally

January 25, 2005 – Posted at 4:10 p.m. CST
IMBODEN – A Region 8 teacher has been recognized nationally for her work teaching children how to read. Renaissance Learning honored Imboden Area Charter School Teacher Amy Kitchens for her student’s accomplishments in reading.
“Everyone of the first, second, and third graders have increased their reading level one whole grade level, just in the first semester alone,” said Judy Warren, Director for the Imboden Area Charter School.
And Kitchens couldn't be more proud.
“I love to see my students reaching my highest potential. With the Renaissance program, I'm able to monitor my progress with this very closely, and I can also tell where they need help,” said Kitchens, as she helped a student choose a book to read.
The Imboden Area Charter School is funded by the state and serves as an alternative to public schools.
“Here, the kids are able to learn on their own level. We have a very individualized program,” said Kitchen, “I have a room of first, second and third graders who are able to progress as they need to.”

Renaissance Learning recognized Kitchens and her students as a ‘Model Classroom.'  The students read at or above their grade level for at least 12-weeks and were tested.

“I was so excited and pleased for her and her students, because I know they've worked so hard,” said Warren, “Every student in the classroom I know has met their reading goal. Gosh, I think first semester, they met their reading goal every single week.”
The Imboden Area Charter School has been open for the last three years, and administrators say the 60 students, kindergarten through sixth grade have excelled under the individualized learning programs.
“With the Renaissance Learning program, or Reading Renaissance, students are getting at least 60 minutes or more of reading practice a day. So that's what makes a huge difference,” said Warren, “Anything you want to be good at, you're going to have to practice.”
And for Kitchens’ kids, sitting down with a good book has a whole new meaning.
As part of her reward, she also received voucher to attend a teaching seminar and discounted prices on Renaissance Learning tools. And her students who worked so hard.... they received a pizza party.