Keeping allergens out of the house

Keeping allergens out of the house

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This is the time of year when everyone is ready to get outside, especially after a winter full of cold temperatures, snow and ice.

As we enjoy spring, allergens have taken control and have caused sinus issues among many people.

While you are home, orolaryngologist Dr. Jeffery Myhill said there are several steps to take to prevent allergens from affecting you.

"Clean up around your house of all the dirt and dust, changing your air filters at least every three months, and if you do have significant seasonal allergies and you're outside, when you come in, change your clothes, wash your hands, and take a shower," Myhill said.

Myhill said it's natural to want to open windows and doors to enjoy the nice weather, but he urges you to keep them closed.

He said this keeps allergens out of your home and it will keep your allergies down.

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