Invasive creatures cause issues in Arkansas

Invasive creatures cause issues in Arkansas

GREENE COUNTY,AR (KAIT) - Last week a piranha was found in Lake Bentonville in Northwest Arkansas, but this isn't the first time a fish non-native to Arkansas has shown up.

Asian carp, snake head fish and the didymo fungus are some of the invasive species that have been found in Arkansas in the past.

Lake Frierson Superintendent Justin Huss said these species are dangerous to the ecosystem because the creatures can come into the environment and harm the food chain.

Huss said there are things you can do to ensure you're not spreading species into lakes, rivers and creeks.

"The biggest thing to do, especially with people who have boats, is to get them cleaned out and dried out, and make sure there is no vegetation or water, or anything else coming in from one body of water to another," Huss said.

Huss said don't throw unused bait into the water and never empty a fish tank into the water.

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