Region 8 couple's timing and attention to detail likely saved woman's life

Region 8 couple's timing and attention to detail likely saved woman's life
A wreck in Greene County might have ended in tragedy if it hadn't been for a Region 8 man and his wife.
"I don't know how long she was there or nothing, she didn't say but she was scared and tired when we got her out," Chad Speer told Region 8 News.
Chad and his wife Nikki were heading to their home in Greenway after spending an afternoon running errands in Paragould.
The Speers were driving down Highway 139 in Paragould when they spotted something that wasn't right.
"As we come through, we noticed guard rail was tore up there that we'd just passed and it was not like that," Speer said.

What they saw next caused them to spring into action. A car was upside down in a ditch filled with water.

Speer said he immediately went to the car and spotted someone inside.

"Her knee was up by the dash, her head was kindly dangling by the water," Speer said. "She was just screaming for help."

Speer told his wife to call police. While she led emergency responders to their location, Chad Speer got to work to save that woman.

"As I was getting the door open, I seen that she was hanging from her seatbelt so I got a knife and cut her seatbelt off of her and got her out of the water," Speer said.

Their trip home, had it been delayed by just a few minutes, would have likely resulted in a much more tragic find.

"She was already pretty tired from trying to get out and stay out of the water. She very well could've... an inch or two more water and she would have for sure," Speer said.

Happy to have just been in the right place at the right time, Speer encourages people to stay aware of their surroundings and help others when they're in need.

"Everybody can make a difference, I believe," Speer said.

Speer said he does not consider himself a hero. He said God placed him and his wife in the right place at the right time. He said he just hopes that if they are ever in a similar situation, he will put somebody there for them.

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