Council postpones decision on new title, pay grade for Jonesboro city employee

Council postpones decision on new title, pay grade for Jonesboro city employee

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Discussions regarding the title and pay grade of an employee in the Jonesboro city clerk's office happened behind closed doors at a city council meeting Tuesday.

In a finance committee meeting last week, committee members considered a resolution, sponsored by City Clerk Donna Jackson, to amend her department's budget to add a deputy clerk position.

Jackson stated that she wishes for her current office manager to become a deputy clerk with a salary of $52,770. Jackson stated her office manager currently makes approximately $42,000.

The issue first went before the finance committee in May and was postponed indefinitely. The issue was brought up again in July and postponed temporarily.

When it was brought back up at the most recent finance committee meeting, Jackson expressed her concerns with why the resolution had been stalled for so long.

"What we end up getting is treated like a secretarial pool," Jackson said. "I honestly think it's a mentality that has gone on in the city of Jonesboro for many, many years."

That meeting got heated after other city employees expressed their concerns over the proposed pay grade, stating that it would be higher than what some department heads make.

Tuesday night though, the entire discussion regarding the resolution took place behind closed doors.

Shortly after the resolution was introduced, an executive session was called into order. The city council stayed in executive session for approximately 25 minutes before going back into regular session and postponing the resolution.

The city council stated that the issue is postponed until their next regularly scheduled council meeting on November 17.

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