Craighead County Taking Steps To Improve Courthouse Security

March 22, 2005 -- Posted at 10:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- "We've had a lot of people ask about a push button panic button in their office, or at their desk. This system allows the signal to go directly to the individuals who will respond," said OES Coordinator, Jack Richardson.

Richardson said right now they are concentrating on things like locking courtroom doors when not in use.

They are still gathering information on the rest.

"The Quorum Court members on the committee will take our recommendations back to the full court," said Richardson.

When transporting inmates, the threat of violence looms--the goal now is to find new ways minimize that threat.

"Well I think we put one in the courthouse, and one in each courtroom. If a particular person had been threatened they could take that button home and set it off," said Sheriff Jack McCann.

Elected officials, and judges have already given their ideas on getting and keeping the highest caliber of safety.