Offbeat: Powder Keg

March 16, 2007--Posted at 10:30 a.m. CDT

BRANSON, MO-- 0 to 53 mph in just 2.8 seconds.  It's not the latest sports car off the assembly line, it's the fastest roller coaster at Silver Dollar City in Branson.  The super launch coaster shoots riders into a thrill zone just seconds after climbing aboard.

PowderKeg is one of only three like it in the world that uses clean compressed air technology for incredibly fast and energy effecient acceleration.  The $10,000,000 project takes riders from the initial big blast up a lift to a 110 foot drop, into a spiraling and dragonfly banked turns, through a wave of floater hills with negative G forces, giving riders the experience of weightlessness above the trees.

In keeping with Silver Dollar City's internationally awarded commitment to bringing the colorful history of regions to life, PowderKeg salutes the miners who worked in the grat Marvel Cave, which is located below the theme park.  The ride brings to life the colorful hisotory and heritage of the Ozark Mountains.  It's fashioned after the pwder mills of long ago, those very same mills that turned the bat guano into black powder more than 100 years ago.

Anyone over 42 inches in height can ride, meaning kids as young as 5 have climbed aboard the mine train for the ride of a lifetime.

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