Staying cool and sparing your wallet

Staying cool and sparing your wallet
Air Conditioning Unit (Source: KAIT)
Air Conditioning Unit (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With temperatures on the rise as we head into next week, Region 8 News went to Jonesboro City Water and Light to figure out ways to make the heat a little more bearable on your wallets.

According to Kevan Inboden, the special projects administrator for CWL in Jonesboro, 40% to 50% of your bill can be attributed to cooling your home or apartment.

This means that any leaks or problems with air conditioning units can cause energy bills to inflate by the end of the month.

"One of the most common things I see, I see it over and over, is that return air filter getting dirty," Inboden said. "A lot of folks, it's just an inconvenience. It's not that expensive but having a dirty air filter basically restricts that air flow back to the unit so that everything about the cooling system is running, your outside condenser unit, your inside air handler and coils, they're working just as hard but by not being able to circulate the air as well, it makes them run longer. So, not only are you using excess electricity, you're putting more wear and tear and could potentially even ruin your unit. So, that's an easy fix, cheap fix."

Inboden also mentioned a few more quick and easy fixes, like using a ceiling fan along with a higher thermostat temperature. That way, the ceiling fan does most of the work.

Checking insulation levels and servicing air conditioning units regularly can also help use energy more efficiently.

Be sure to keep your unit in the shade or plant a few trees near any windows to block unwanted sunlight from getting inside your home.

Even closing curtains and using low emissivity windows can be great energy savers this time of year.

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