Burglar Strikes Crittenden County Churches

April 25, 2005--Posted at 7:00 p.m. CDT
CRITTENDEN COUNTY-- A string of burglars is Crittenden County are striking the most unlikely places.
All was quiet today in Earle, Arkansas as the police patrolled the streets, but all eyes are on this church, St. Luke Baptist, after a string of burglaries.
Crittenden County Sheriff's Department Chief Investigator Edward Laxton says, "They go in through a window. They go in and steal PA systems because these churches are known to have the high dollar PA systems or TV systems."
Many people think of church as a sacred place ... Safe from all harm, but Deacon Arthur Berry says this isn't the first time that a burglar has shaken things up.
"This area here is kind of dark at night, and they usually kind of target that area," Berry says.
He said the last time the church was struck they walked in through the front door, but this time they made their way through smaller spaces.
The burglar used a brick to break the window and managed to make it in and out without a sound.
It wasn't until a patrol officer noticed the broken glass, that they knew anything was missing.
"We discovered that they had taken the VCR, the TV and the microwave," Berry says.
Berry says that he finds it hard to believe that one man could've gotten all of these items out of the church on his own, and like the previous burglary at the First Baptist Church in Edmondson, this burglar is gone without a trace.
"There could be one or maybe three or four. Mainly they don't leave any prints behind or nothing. There's no way of telling. There are no witnesses. These churches were empty," Laxton says.

Anyone with information on any of these church burglaries is encouraged to contact Crittenden County Crimestoppers at (870) 732-4444.