City plans to demolish flea-infested home

Clay County Flea Infested House
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CORNING, AR (KAIT) - In a city council meeting, Corning officials moved forward with taking bids on a home that was involved in a hoarding case two years ago.

Their goal is to have someone buy the house to have it torn down.

The home is located in the 800-block of Eleventh Street.

It was where over 40 animals, mostly cats, were living in poor conditions.

Because the home was in such terrible shape, officials said it is far from reviving.

Inside the home, crews found fecal matter covering furniture and floors.

The house also had a large flea infestation.

"If you are going to have pets, there is absolutely no reason why your home should get that bad," said Danny Moore, a council member.

Moore said the only option left for the house is to tear it down for the sake of the neighborhood.

"Even today we still have calls of people complaining about fleas being in their yards," Moore said. "Most people want to have a community that looks nice and safe to live in, so they can have their kids in the yard and so they won't have to worry about fleas and they can have their pets out there. That's what we want to accomplish from all of this. Just to have safe neighborhoods."

Now that the home is in motion to be demolished after the bidding process, many neighborhood residents are relieved.

"I'm glad that the neighborhood will be a lot healthier and I am thankful for all of the people who have worked really hard to correct the situation," said June Conway, who lives near the home.

Conway also added that she feels the homeowner meant no harm when this hoarding situation grew out of control.

"She is a nice woman from the times I've seen her," said Conway. "I really think she was trying to save those animals but it overtook her capability to handle it. I just hope God blesses her."

Moore said he wants people to look at this situation and take better care of their pets.?

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