Family Practice Q & A

Published: May. 21, 2001 at 2:31 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 21, 2002 at 4:02 PM CDT
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Below are our archive of questions and answers in Family Practice.

Question 6/11/2002: I am the Human Resources Coordinator for Busch Agricultural Resources, Inc. located between Farville and Brookland.  We currently use NEA Clinic on Parker as our company doctors.  Is the new clinic on Hilltop going to have industrial doctors?
Answer: At present we are planning to start with two experienced Board-Certified Family Physicians at that location with room to expand to 6-7 doctors.  We will be happy to help you in any way in the future.  If you have some special needs please contact our COO Mr. Jack Moffett at 910-6008.

Question 6/4/2002: I am having trouble when I go to the bathroom. My urine smells very strong. I also hurt in my lower back.
Answer: You may have cystitis (bladder infection).  You need to see your family doctor for a urine evaluation and perhaps antibiotics.  In the meantime drink lots of water.

Question 4/30/2002: I have a 5 year old daughter that was put on Metadate about two months ago and she is also taking the other med called Risperdol. When she first starting taking them she done very well (She was diagnosed as ADHD.) but now she seems that the med isn't even effected by them now. What will the doctor do or what should i be doing?
Answer: This combination of medications needs close follow-up by your physician or a behavioral health specialist preferably. These meds are used only on occasion in children this young. You need to see the doctor if problems are occurring. NEA Clinic - (870) 935-4150 (for appointment)

Question 4/24/2002: This is pertaining to a 7 yr olds frequent bowel accidents. They have been going on for a year, it has been suggested it could be spastic colon. The movements are very thick and he acts as if he does not know he has done it till it is too late. This is becoming a problem in school as well as home. He doesn't eat real well but has not lacking in energy. He also has anger problems. And possibly ADD. I was just wanting an opinion if someone thought this was medical
Answer: The problem could very well be a medical problem but he needs to be evaluated not only for that but also for a behavioral work-up, since behavioral problems can sometimes lead to accidents. NEA Clinic - (870) 935-4150 (for appointment)

Question 4/23/2002: When I throw a ball a lot my middle arm hurts real bad for hours and my hand shakes too and cant pick my arm up all the way and when I take a deep breath it hurts too so is it tendonitis or what let me know please but the other arm doesn't hurt when I throw a ball. Is it aggravated or tendonitis?
Answer: It is not possible to tell what this is by this description. You need to see your family doctor for an evaluation.
NEA Clinic - (870) 935-4150 (for appointment)

Question 3/23/2002: I have been told that a baby less than 6 months old can not get strep throat. In addition children under one rarely if ever get it. If this is true, why don't they?
Answer: Yes, you are right. Kids less than one year rarely get "strep throat". This may be due to some passive immunity the baby receives from its mom during pregnancy and for breast-feeding.
NEA Clinic - (870) 935-4150 (for appointment)

Question 2/26/2002: What is your opinion of a normal 3 ½-year-old who has been coughing for the past 4 or 5 weeks (with fever and diarrhea also one weekend)? His guardian says he is OK, it is just sinus drainage making him cough and won't take him to the Dr. Whenever he coughs you can hear the congestion in his chest, I have been giving him cough medicine each of the last 4 weekends, also, how long can you safely give cough medicine?
Answer: Persistent cough can be caused by several things, certainly post nasal drainage is one reason. If cough continues then the child should be seen. Most over-the-counter cough medicines are safe to use long-term.
NEA Clinic - (870) 935-4150 (for appointment)

Question 2/1/2002: My son is 10 yrs old and he has ADD he is currently on ADDERAL it seems to be working out ok for him right know I was just wondering if there are any NEW Medicine's out there that I could check into that might be better for his age and grade (4) he really is having a lot of trouble in reading and getting his work done in class and he has trouble getting his homework home he tells me that he forgets it I was just wondering if there is something else that could be done to help him out.
Answer: Adderal is an amphetamine salt sometimes used after failure of first line agents for ADD. It should be carefully watched by a doctor familiar with its use. Other treatment options include antidepressants, certain centrally acting BP meds are Depakote or Tegretol have been of benefit. This is a complex disorder that can exist above or in combination with other problems such as depression. You should follow the advise of a professional skilled in ADD care for treatment. Each individual case may be different. Unfortunately no new medication is currently available for widespread use.
NEA Clinic (870) 935-4150 (for appointment)