Police target teens texting behind the wheel

Police target teens texting behind the wheel
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
Letter from Jonesboro City Attorney, Carol Duncan (Source: Jonesboro Police Department)
Letter from Jonesboro City Attorney, Carol Duncan (Source: Jonesboro Police Department)

Jonesboro police officials say according to data, the citys district court has the most texting and driving offenses in the state.

They do not plan to take their eyes off distracted drivers anytime soon, especially teenagers.
Officers are turning their attention to the younger generation to educate them about the law, as more of them will be out on the roadways this time of year, many of them being first-time drivers.
The police department released a letter to Region 8 News from City Attorney Carol Duncan, who explained there has been a lot of confusion about the laws.

For teens under the age of 18, Duncan said in her letter, You should have either a learners license, intermediate license, or restricted license. None of which allow the use of cell phone in any manner.

Officers plan to crack down on teens dangerously texting behind the wheel by utilizing different patrolling tools.
Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott told Region 8 News that officers will use unmarked patrol cars, and foot patrol near intersections to catch teens and drivers not abiding by the law.
Elliott said officers will target major intersections in Jonesboro, downtown, and busy streets.

Paul Holmes, the departments public information specialist, said it is all in effort in keeping everyone safe.

It is important for our teens to understand that law because something bad can happen just so quickly and once it happens the damage could be irreversible, Holmes said.

The department is adamant about being aggressive in writing tickets, not just for teens, but all distracted drivers.

For drivers 18-21 years old, you can only use the cell phone hands-free feature; drivers in this age category cannot talk, text, or access the internet unless it is hands-free."

Also, drivers over 21 cannot text or access the internet.
According to JPD, no one can use a cell phone in school zones during school hours when children are present and outside the facility.
Also, no one can use cellphones in work zones when workers are present.
This law has an exception, allowing for use of phones in an emergency. 

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