Police Find Source of Fake Cash in Forrest City

JULY 14, 2005 - Posted at 2:22 p.m. CDT

FORREST CITY, AR - Authorities in east Arkansas say they have found the source of counterfeit cash that had confounded investigators for months.

Police made arrests in Marianna, where the fake money that had kept showing up at Forrest City businesses was allegedly being produced.

Kenor Meredith, 20, of Marianna, was arrested by Secret Service agents acting with Marianna and Forrest City police.  Meredith was picked up at a public housing residence in Marianna, and police searched other properties in the complex.

The counterfeit bills share a common serial number.  Officials say they have tied several of those numbers to Meredith.

Marianna police arrested two other people for allegedly getting rid of equipment that police wanted as evidence.

Another man accused in the scheme, 19-year-old Willie Matthews of Madison, was arrested in last week's sweep.  A warrant is out for another suspect, 20-year-old Leo Drone, Jr. of Forrest City.

Police have arrested a number of people in Forrest City for passing the fake bills.  Police are still investigating and trying to determine the scope of the group and its activities.

State and federal authorities are pursing charges.

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