Region 8 Getaways, Part Two: The Bed & Breakfast

July 15, 2005 – Posted at 10:09 AM CDT

 PIGGOTT, AR -- In our first part of Region 8 Getaways, we took viewers to a getaway hidden in the woods. Now, were headed to cozy charm...the bed and breakfast. For those who have never been, it's a treat that can be a short drive and within budget.

"Homey is about the only way I can word it. It feels like coming home, and you walk into the rooms and they are gorgeous. They're set up nicely, and they've got nice amenities," said Randy Mistele of Crest View, Florida.

They're described as cozy, comfortable and cute.

"People just feel at home here," said innkeeper Shirley Schoettlin.

The Downtown Inn in Piggott is more than just a bed and breakfast. For Hurricane Dennis refuges, it's a home away from home. "We are as we are at home," said Elaine Sheldon of Crest View, Florida, "We don't really feel out of place."

Also it's a place with a lot of history.

"It started out as the bank of Piggott in 1927, when that bank folded in 1929, Piggott State Bank was organized and was in here until 1976," said Schoettlin.

The bed & breakfast opened in May of 2003, after two years of renovations on the building, and the results are impressive.

"They saved the woodwork as much as they could. The floor plan is basically the same, except where there was a wall in the suites, there is now a bathroom," said Schoettlin.

The building also housed an antique store, and many of the items can be found inside the store.

"We do have one room that is kind of a golf room that guys like to stay in, and we have a Victorian room that some of the ladies like," said Schoettlin as she showed off rooms, "Of course we have this room, which we call the honeymoon suite, it has a Jacuzzi and all of that, but people use this for birthdays and anniversaries or families that want a larger area."

The Downtown Inn in Piggott has nine suites available, but if you want to get a room, you better call in advance. Some of the suites are already booked for holiday weekends until 2009.

Schoettlin said, "Our business has just doubled over last year, and many times now we tell people we're full." Also you can never tell who might show up for breakfast.

"We've had people from China and Japan, England," laughed Schoettlin, "It's just a wide range of people."

"Bed and breakfasts are a touch of home, and they've got their own individual quirks I guess is the best way to word it," said Mistele, "but, this was great. I would recommend it to anyone coming into town or staying in northeast Arkansas."

"The more I worked with it, the more I came to love it. I'm thrilled that Piggott has this facility, because it is a beautiful, beautiful place for people to stay," said Schoettlin.

Bed and breakfast inns on-line is a good resource to find out about places near you. Prices can range from $65 to $130 dollars, and some B&B's offer packages featuring local accommodations. Rooms do book quickly, so if you would like to getaway, we suggest making reservations.