Foundation to raise money for Pocahontas hospital

Foundation to raise money for Pocahontas hospital

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - A group in Pocahontas is coming together to support Five Rivers Medical Center.

Seven individuals have now created a foundation to support the hospital.

The chairman of the foundation, Larry Don Rose, said the foundation will collect donations for hospital improvements.

He said they will begin with improvements to the hospital emergency room, eventually moving onto the nurse call system.

The foundation has opened a bank account where people can donate to hospital improvements.

"We've kind of prioritized things that we think that we'd like to work at," he said.  "Moneywise, we're having to start at the cheapest and work our way up."

The group is also thinking about holding fundraisers to collect donations in the future.

Rose said with the community growing quickly, improvements like adding space to the emergency room are needed.

Anyone who would like to donate can contact hospital administration for more information. All the money collected will directly benefit the hospital and none of that funding will go toward operational costs.

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