Class turns assignment into beauty campaign

Class turns assignment into beauty campaign

(KAIT/KARK) - Students at Maumelle High School were given an assignment to take an anonymous survey from their marketing teacher.

According to KARK, that assignment has now become a campaign created by students in an effort to help lift up how peers see themselves.

The results of the survey showed that several students did not think they were beautiful and if given the option they would change multiple things about themselves.

As a part of the beauty image campaign, the goal is to boost low self-esteem by pointing to positive qualities.

"Explain to them that everyone is beautiful," Eve Hamilton, a student at Maumelle High School said. "Beautiful isn't just physical traits. It's independence or your bravery or your kindness."

The class also has included a video where random teachers and students are pulled out of class and then complimented while they are being videotaped.

Jailon Bails, a student in the class says, "Seeing people happy, makes me happy and that's what I think is going to happen with this project."

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