Top-scoring medical marijuana cultivation facilities announced

Top-scoring medical marijuana cultivation facilities announced

(KAIT) - The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission announced the top 10 scoring applicants for a cultivation facility in the Natural State.

The top scoring applicants are as follows:

  • Natural State Medicinals Cultivation
  • Bold Team, LLC
  • Natural State Wellness Enterprises (scored 3rd and 4th)
  • Osage Creek Cultivation
  • Delta Medical Cannabis Company, Inc.

The top scoring applicants now have seven days to pay their $100,000 licensing fee and $500,000 performance bond. If they do not meet the requirements within the time allotted, the Medical Marijuana Commission will notify the next highest scoring applicant.

The runner-up applicants are as follows:

  • River Valley Relief Cultivation
  • New Day Cultivation
  • Southern Roots
  • Delta Cannabinoid

In Region 8, there's a possibility for two medical marijuana cultivation facilities to be located in Jackson County.

Natural State Wellness Enterprises won two bids for a top-scoring application, and must now choose between placing the facility in Jefferson or Jackson County. Delta Medical Cannabis Company, LLC also won a top bid to place a facility in Jackson County.

Jon Chadwell, director of the Newport Economic Development Commission, told Region 8 News they're excited about the opportunity this brings to the Jackson County area.

"We didn't actually actively go out and pursue companies but in the process, we had several that came and were interested in working and creating a  facility here in Jackson County," Chadwell said. "We consider it from a jobs, investment, and charitable contribution perspective and looked at the opportunities it could bring to Jackson County."

Chadwell said they're going to treat it like any other medical company.

"These facilities are going to be self-contained. All the marijuana is going to be grown inside the facility with very, very strong security and restricted access and from the outside," Chadwell said. "It will look just like any other factory that produces something so we took that into account and realized it was going to create some good paying jobs for people in our area and felt like it was something that would benefit the community."

Chadwell said while they're confident they will get at least one cultivation facility, they're hoping both come to town.

"It's like getting one or two factories in town," Chadwell said. "We will try to encourage the other company to come our way if they can because we'd love to have them in Newport and have that opportunity for people from Northeast Arkansas."

Bart Calhoun of Little Rock is the registered agent for the cultivation application for Natural State Wellness Enterprises.

The registered agent for the Delta Medical Cannabis Company, LLC application is Donald Parker of Jonesboro.

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