County hosts citizens arrest fundraiser

County hosts citizens arrest fundraiser

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The new Lawrence County Jail is set to open soon.

However, prisoners will not be the first ones to spend the night in jail.

Lawrence County officials came up with the idea of hosting a citizens arrest fundraiser.

Boxes for several county officials are in the county clerk's office.

Residents can donate money to each person's box and the three, with the most donations, will stay one night in the new jail.

"We hope that we won't have to be just exactly like we are in jail, maybe we'll get to have more of a party atmosphere," said County Clerk Tina Stowers.  "We can bring family or friends or whatever with us and we can just kind of party it up all night."

Stowers said the group has already raised around $400.

The money raised will be divided among several Lawrence County charities.

The donation boxes will be in the county clerk's office and the fundraiser will be held until March 6.

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