Election commission changes polling location in Jonesboro

Election commission changes polling location in Jonesboro
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro voters need to pay attention this May and fall as they head to the polls.

The Craighead County Election Commission made a change in a polling location in their meeting on Friday.

Chairman of the Craighead County Election Commission, Jeannette Robertson, said this change is an effort to do what's best for voters.

"The Commission voted to change a poll," Robertson said. "From the Temple Baptist Church to Forest Home Church of the Nazarene. Temple has been an excellent host for our polling place, but they are under construction. They've closed their Red Wolf Boulevard entrance. They have a lot of gravel and construction materials around in their parking area. And so, we asked for a permanent home at the Forest Home Church of the Nazarene. They very kindly authorized us to change the polling place there, if we chose to do so."

Robertson said the new location is convenient and safe.

"The great thing here," Robertson said. "Is we have clean entry and exit to our polling locations. The parking area is very easy to get in to. It's actually closer to the polling location positions and voting areas than Temple Baptist was. So, we had a Commission meeting. We voted to change the poll as required with a majority vote. And we had to do it at least 30 days prior to the primary, which we did."

Robertson said there are a number of ways voters will be notified of the change.

"All the voters who are in this polling location," Robertson said. "Will be notified by the county clerk that their polling location has changed. They will be notified in the newspaper. And at Temple Baptist, we'll put up signs in case they didn't get those other two notices. When they got to Temple Baptist, they'll know they need to move."

Robertson said they were also reviewing all their ballots for things like typing errors and positions.

That work will be complete by Monday and turned in for printing.

Robertson said everything is working smoothly and they are on time.

The primaries will be held May 22.

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