Petit Jean Meats celebrates 90 years of business

Petit Jean Meats celebrates 90 years of business
Petit Jean Meats in Morrilton recently celebrated its 90th year in operation with a cookout for employees.

MORRILTON, AR (KAIT) - A company that began in 1928 as Morrilton Packing Company is now known all over Arkansas and the country as Petit Jean Meats, with company officials saying the company employs nearly 80 people in Conway County.

According to a report from Little Rock television station KATV, the company recently celebrated its 90th anniversary with a cookout to honor employees. The company began as a small meat market created by Felix Schlosser.

The company nearly closed during the Great Depression but stayed open due to government contracts.

Petit Jean Meats has been a mainstay in the county for many years, with the company hiring generations of family members.

"My brother's worked here, two of my sisters have worked here -- which one still does. I have an aunt and uncle that works here and probably 20 of my cousins have worked here. So Petit Jean Meats has been good to my family," Courtenay Byers told the television station.

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