Fire Department urges residents to add address signs

Fire Department urges residents to add address signs

CAVE CITY, AR (KAIT) - A Sharp County fire department is urging residents to make sure their homes are properly marked with address signs.

They believe the small blue signs could help save lives when seconds matter the most.

The city of Cave City passed an ordinance in 2005 requiring residents to have a reflective marker with at least 3-inch letters.

This is to ensure that first responders know where they're going when they get those emergency calls.

Justin Wilson with the Cave City Fire Department says they try to get there as quickly as possible in a life or death situation.

"Sometimes we've gotten complaints for, 'well what took you so long,'" Wilson said "Well, you didn't have an address sign three-quarters of a mile down your driveway where your house is not visible from the road. We didn't know where we were going so we have to get out and go door to door sometimes and that's what it is. It's crucial when you need it."

Wilson said that residents can help first responders by making sure they not only have the address signs, but they have them placed in the right area. Placing signs near mailboxes where they are easily seen could be lifesaving in an emergency situation.

"Seconds do matter," Wilson said "I mean it's really a life or death situation, a lot of these moments. The progression of fire nowadays is a lot quicker than it used to be. And medical emergencies [like] CPR, if we don't initiate CPR within the first at least 2-3 minutes then your chances of saving a person dramatically decrease."

The address signs are available at city hall for $15. Residents just have to fill out a form.

The fire department doesn't make money off of the sale of the signs, they only use it to buy the materials.

"The $15 actually covers the cost of that plate and those reflective numbers because they're expensive. The numbers are expensive themselves, but the plates are also reflective and they're expensive."

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