Family fights to keep "meaningful" truck in yard, city wants it moved

Updated: Jul. 17, 2018 at 7:13 PM CDT
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LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - A Lake City family is heartbroken after receiving a warning letter in the mail to move an inoperable truck that sits in their yard.

Jean Moon hasn't moved her late husband's red Chevrolet truck since 2013.

It's parked where Larry Moon left it the last time he drove it.

"When I get up to make my coffee, I used to see him come down the hill, but now I don't see him," Moon said. "I see the truck."

The truck is all she has left to remember her husband.

"I worked hard to put gravel around it, so the grass wouldn't grow up around it," Moon said.

After five years of the truck sitting in the same spot, Lake City officials are demanding it be moved.

"We were one of the people that received a letter," Fallyn Bickerstaff, Moon's granddaughter, said.

The letter noted their property was out of compliance with the town's clean-up ordinance.

They have ten days to remove the truck or put it behind a privacy fence or get cited.

"We don't want to move it," Bickerstaff said. "My grandmother looks out her window every morning and sees a piece of her husband. He parked it in this spot for the last time in 2013, and we haven't touched it since."

Bickerstaff shared the letter and a lengthy message on social media about the red truck.

"It's more than just a truck they're asking us to move," said Bickerstaff. "It's an entire love story."

Moon's granddaughter's social media post gained traction across the country, even bringing strangers to the family's home to take action.

"Total stranger just doing it out of kindness," said Bickerstaff.

Curtis Robinson was one of many who saw the post. He got in touch with the family and hours later, he was at their home installing a new battery and tires on the truck.

"The community has stepped up," said Bickerstaff. "We are going to beat the deadline. We have ten days and we are going to beat it. We are going to get it insured, we are going to get tags put on it. We are going to fully restore it to its 1995 glory."

Lake City police officer Daniel Haynes told Region 8 News roughly 35 residents have been served the same letter this year.

He said it's an effort to continue to beautify the community.

"We want to help people," said Haynes. "But, it's also my job as an officer to enforce the law."

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