Officials work to make Corning "Y" intersection safer

Officials work to make Corning "Y" intersection safer
Sheriff Terry Miller says they have seen several fatal crashes at the Y.

CLAY COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - After several recent crashes at the intersection known as the Corning "Y", officials are still looking into ways to enhance the area's safety.

The Corning "Y" is the intersection of State Highway 135 and U.S. Highway 62.

The Highway Department recently added large signs that better mark the area for drivers. Clay County Sheriff Terry Miller said that while the solution is not the final solution, it has been a help. He's noticed reduced speeding in the area and fewer crashes.

"Seems like it's gotten a little more attention to some of the course, we all know it's not a cure-all to it," Miller said. "The State Highway Department is still looking at it and everything, studying it."

Sheriff Miller said the added signs are a good start to help the traveling public and that they are particularly helpful to people who are unfamiliar with the area.

The sheriff hopes they will help save some lives as the Highway Department looks for a more permanent solution.

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