Woman mails NARCAN to help others nationwide

Woman mails NARCAN to help others nationwide

(KAIT/NBC) - One woman is giving the life-saving antidote, NARCAN, to those in need across the country.

Tracey Helton Mitchell has saved over 300 people from dying of an overdose from inside her home near San Francisco.

She doesn't do it in an ambulance or fire truck. She does it with envelopes and postage stamps.

Naloxone is an overdose antidote. It reverses the effects of heroin, or its more potent synthetic version, fentanyl.

Although President Trump's Surgeon General recommended the widespread use of the drug, it's often hard to find or too expensive to purchase.

"Naloxone is significant enough that I was willing to put it on my arm. And it's right where I used to shoot drugs so it covers one of those scars. Today, I have a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, three beautiful children, a nice place to live and I'm very very grateful," said Mitchell.

She said people originally found her on the website Reddit. She eventually became a moderator of a forum that deals specifically with opioids. It has over 50,000 people.

She estimates she's sent out over 2,000 kits, many to people who keep in touch. Days after Mitchell sent out three of her harm reduction care packages, two were used to revive overdose victims in Florida and Tennessee.

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