ANC bus routes expand to several cities in Mississippi County

ANC bus routes expanding
Dr. James Shemwell (Source: KAIT-TV)
Dr. James Shemwell (Source: KAIT-TV)

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - In an area with high poverty rates, a local college is trying to make sure everyone has access to education.

Arkansas Northeastern College launched their Opportunity Bus Route program last year, transporting people to and from Blytheville, Osceola, and Luxora.

This year, they're expanding even further.

With a second bus, ANC will be able to run morning and afternoon routes to Gosnell, Dell, Manila, and Leachville.

President James Shemwell said it's about helping those trying to help themselves.

"The best way out of poverty is through education, but the first step is you have to be able to access that education," Shemwell said. "So that's why we're pursuing this program is so folks who have issues with transportation that want to get a leg up can come and get the training so they can go out and get a good paying job and buy a car and have a great life."

Bus passes are free for students as long as they have weekly meetings with their advisers to monitor progress.

ANC partners with the Arkansas Department of Human Services to provide this form of transportation.

Shemwell said in the first year, the bus routes served 125 people and they hope to double that with the new expansion beginning this fall.

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