Restaurant temporarily closes due to water issues

Restaurant temporarily closes due to water issues
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - McDonald's in Corning shut down temporarily because of water issues on Wednesday.

The manager of that McDonald's told Region 8 News the store didn't contact the Arkansas Department of Health about the water problems.
She did say that their restaurant closed its doors while city crews flushed out lines earlier this week.
However, ADH Public Information Officer Meg Mirivel said they were indeed contacted by the restaurant about a water issue.
Corning Mayor Rob Young would not name McDonald's specifically, but he did say his office was contacted by ADH.
"They called me, said a local business called them and they wanted us to flush the line out," he said.
AHD officials told Mayor Young they were calling him after hearing about the issue from the local business.
He said his office was told they needed to flush the lines and notify the business that they were taking action.

"We take it very seriously and we act on it," he said.  "I acted on it right then, right after I got the phone call."

ADH representatives confirmed that someone from the Corning McDonald's contacted them saying their hydrant needed to be flushed.

Mayor Young said the city fixed the issue and he believes the restaurant's filter was simply full.

He says more about the town's water supply will be discussed at the August city council meeting.

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